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Abdominoplasty for Men

Dr Spero J Theodorou, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in NYC, offers advanced abdominoplasty for men looking to achieve a smoother, firmer and aesthetically pleasing abdominal contour. This effective treatment restores weakened or separated muscles and helps you achieve a flat, well-defined and attractive tummy.




With the objective of offering optimal results, the surgeon uses only safe and advanced liposuction techniques that are well accepted.

Smartlipo Triplex: This is a laser assisted liposuction technique that is an ideal choice for six-pack abdominal laser etching. The procedure utilizes the power of three laser wavelengths to safely and effectively remove fat and sculpt the abdomen.

VASERlipo: An ultrasound assisted liposuction technique, VASERlipo precisely targets and eliminates superficial as well as deep fat around the abdominal muscle groups to help achieve an athletic appearance.

BodyTite™: This is a radiofrequency assisted liposuction technique for effective body sculpting. It leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed. Dr. Theodorou uses the device possibilities to effectively remove surplus fat and tighten the skin.


Abdominal Contouring


Depending on the exact requirement, the surgeon offers individualized tummy tuck procedures.

  • If you have elastic skin and moderate fatty deposits, he would suggest liposuction only contouring technique. You can expect a better looking outcome with a good abdominal muscle tone.
  • If only minimal amount of abdominal skin needs to be removed and you don’t have considerable protruding of the abdominal muscle wall, a partial abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck is advised.
  • If you seek a major improvement, he performs complete tummy tuck for you. The procedure removes excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles. It involves two incisions - one around the navel and another in the lower abdomen extending from one hip to the other.

Why Choose Us?

With Dr. Spero J. Theodorou as your chosen plastic surgeon, enjoy a safe and comfortable treatment experience with the following benefits.

  • Treatment provided at an accredited plastic surgery practice
  • Individualized care and comfort
  • Dedicated follow-ups

To schedule a consultation, call 212-265-2724 or send an e-mail to info@sjtheodorou.com.

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Abdominoplasty for Men

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